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Since 1982 Camlen Inc. has been a premier wood furniture maker. We specialize in handcrafting high quality solid wood furniture, that will brings unparalleled beauty and elegance to any surrounding.


Whether you are a business, luxury hotel, restaurant or a homeowner, we offer traditional, transitional, contemporary, cottage and custom styles; perfect for today and for years to come. And when dealing with Camlen you can be confident that you are getting the best value and product attainable in North American solid wood.


Camlens also offers choices for all aspect of modern living — with marvellous custom adaptations to meet a wide range of contemporary designs. Our wood furniture is built to fit and endure. We specialize in taking into account your needs, personal style and preferences — and yes, your budget too. We take the same time and care whether crafting a single individual piece or a suite for the entire household, or more. The result is immediate and long-term gratification.


With modest beginnings, nurtured by Cameron and Helen Brown, Camlens has in effect reinvented the antique business in welcome and innovative ways. We incorporate the matchless quality of choice materials like 150-year-old vintage, reclaimed pine, into heirloom-worthy pieces built for life.


Today, Camlens is a full-service wood-furnishings enterprise, offering year-round furniture and furnishing services as well as giftware and decor for home, office, and garden: Proudly built for you to proudly own.


At Camlen we have carefully built-up and built-in the necessary networks, contacts, and expertise in all aspects of transporting, building, refinishing and custom making the right “antique” for you. Our team includes expert staff in repairing, restoring and refinishing wood furniture. We also employ select cabinetmakers to build our handsome reproductions.


Camlens has invested decades in putting a new spin on the antique business, and sets new standards for honesty, workmanship, variety, value, and convenience that are built into our operations and exemplified in our furniture. We at Camlen put great stock in our name and products, so our customers can too. At Camlen we bring lasting life to the term “antique.”

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